Looking for a tax debt solution, people are often asking: Is tax debt relief a possibility in my case? Can I make a deal with Internal Revenue Service for the taxes I owe?

The answer is YES!


For fiscal 2004, 106,025 offers (Offers in Compromise or OIC) were received by the IRS with 19,546 (18.5%) accepted. Those accepted paid off $1.8 billion in tax liability for $275.3 million an average of 15.3 cents on the dollar.


Better than half were rejected because the required information was not provided properly or never should have been filed in the first place. Being prequalified for feasibility and accurate preparation, submission and follow up are imperative for success.

Don't just pay large sums of money to some firm to negotiate a "deal" for you. Get an EXPERT ANALYSIS to determine if you would qualify for tax debt relief through a negotiated Offer in Compromise.

Can I make a deal with The Internal Revenue Service?

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